Sunday, February 17, 2008


I am the most unusual sort when it comes to writing. I love to write but however I do not like writing about real life. I live real life everyday so why would I want to write about it. Sure I may write about my day or something that impressed me but I just might write something off the cuff. And if I write about my day I may write it in a story format or whatever comes to mind. I love creative writing I guess you could say, anything that requires the use of my imagination.

A little about me... well that could take awhile to do so I guess I will just cover some of the basics, the need to know stuff. Like you'll probably never hear my write about my job, I mean it sucks all jobs suck and mine isn't any better. So why cover that here I am going to spend my time writing about something worth while. I am a huge video gamer I have an Xbox 360, it is my child I love it and protect it and will cherish it forever. Thats really not an under statement either. I love to go camping and the outdoors, there is a quiet in the woods that can never be achieved anywhere else. The deep woods when it is just you and nothing else no noise except the very air around you... it is serene. On the other hand I would love to be among 92,000 Alabama fans, 'cause you see I am the worlds biggest Bama fan. Roll sweet Tide Roll. And yes I love Dr. Pepper. It is the nectar of the gods and the drink of champions. Yes... I am married to Melanie who you will find in my links. We have been married for 3 1/2 years now. We have four kids in the form of 2 cats Snickers and Aeris, 1 dog Coby, and 1 hamster well ... with no name. Although I do imagine him speaking in a Scottish accent. Its really funny when you think about it. Did I mention I am a little crazy. Hehehe. I have a "brother by another mother" Jimmy. He has been my best friend for so long I cant even remember not having him at my side. We have been through alot together. But if I was going to war he would be my first and only choice to have by my side. That pretty much sums me up.

P.S. My grammer sucks!! And I want to be a writer thats funny.

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