Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Storm

I am not one to usually quake in fear in the face of a thunderstorm. But let my tell ya, if you have seen what hit our house the other night... whew it was intense to say the least. Let me paint a picture...

The night was quiet and through out the house not a creature stirred. Darkness had descended upon the land hours earlier. Unknown to all, on the horizon a storm built in a hellish fury that seeked to destroy all. The little town of Leeds slept lazily in its path, unaware of the darkness that was about to descend upon it. The mighty storm broke upon the town in the early morning hours. Rain descended from the heaven in torrents that were unstoppable. Hail the size small boulders struck the earth leaving the land pocked marked for years to come. It was truly a storm of the ages. Trees ripped from the ground as if twigs; the very soil itself was lifted and thrown about. Then the very sky itself dipped down and wreaked havoc, it was as if the devil had took his finger and drug it through the land leaving utter chaos as it went.

Ok... so I'm taking a little creative liberty here, but you get my point, but I digress.

When dawn broke and the golden orb painted the land in its light... the damage had been done. All about the country side the fury of the storm was evident. As I arose from my slumber and left my bastion of protection and ventured out I was amazed. A mighty tree had fallen and crushed the only exit I had from my homestead. In its lofty boughs it had caught a power sorce, the electrical current arcing in bolts the size of a mans leg. It was potentially hazardous, I noted, as the fried carcasses of the truly unlucky travelers who had tried to pass the treacherous path lay in my way . So who was I to try to pass, with great reluctance and full of sorrow I decided to not go to work. With my heart heavy and nowhere to go I turned at went back to my dwelling and back to bed.


Melanie said...

You know I love your writing. You need to update.

Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

So funny!!! (Not exactly the way Melanie told it at work, but you get points for creativity!) Your writing is great.