Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Life as I see it sucks sometimes. The question I have been asking myself lately is "Exactly how much can a person take until a person loses it?" Good question aye. I guess my answer is alot. Only time will tell. You know humans are the only species that have the ability to worry and stress. Kinda makes you think about things. Dogs dont really worry about things, generally speaking all animals are easy going. I mean dont walk into a cave and ask a sleeping bear how things are going. Thats not wise to do. An animal needs three things, food, water, and procreate to keep there species going... thats it. They dont have any amenities they dont worry about things. They take life one day at a time. Maybe we should do the same. We have no idea what the morrow may bring. So why worry about it. But in the end that is easier said than done.

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